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Currently we only have one style of pirogue that can be built 13, 13.5, or 14' in lengths.  Typically we prefer to size the pirogue to the individual based on the expected weight of person and gear.  This pirogue was specifically designed for shallow draft to run the shallow marshes and cypress knee filled swamps of South Louisiana.  Logs sticking up an inch out of the water can still be paddled over, with a little effort of course.  Because of the strength the marine grade plywood provides, riding up on cypress knees or stumps just don't seem to create any problems even with the point loading it creates.  This pirogue is a workhorse and will get you anywhere you need to be.

Smaller and lighter than the standard model with a wider flare and skinnier base.  Ideal boat to use when weight is an issue, such as when carrying it in a boat to the hunting spot.  Also great boat for smaller people.  It drafts a little deeper in the water but can still handle the same load as the 13' standard. 

Standard Pirogue
Carry Lite Pirogue
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Color Selection
No one color fits every terrain, so why should you settle for just plain old green.  We currently offer 4 different colors as depicted below.
Battleship Brown -- Ideal for wooded areas to match the color of the bark of cypress trees and button wood.  This color is a mixture of greys, browns, and greens

Drab Green --  Perfect for the marshes of South Louisiana.  A green color with a little more yellow and browns added.

Olive Green -- Traditional green painted on pirogues for generations.  A very dark green.

Flat Black
--  Also commonly used on older pirogues because it was a color you could find in any hardware store back in the day.  Hides well in shadows. 

Porets' Pirogues
Youngsville, La
Max Capacity
Total Displacement
~ 13'
Between 53-58lbs
~13' 6"
Between 58-63lbs
Porets' Pirogues
Youngsville, La