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Porets’ Pirogues

Price Sheet

The best way to place an order for a pirogue is through our
Order Form <http://www.poretspirogues.com/Order_Form_Page.php>.  Click on the Order form link above and input the pirogue, options, or accessories you would like to purchase.  We will respond within 24hrs.  The commission of any pirogue build will require $350.00 deposit up front.  An order can also be placed at 337-354-5884.  Unfortunately we are still a part time business so we may or may not be able to accept your call, or return the call in a timely manner.  The best method of communication is email. 


Standard Pirogue 13’, 13.5’, 14’ (Seat Included) ---$950.00
Carry Lite Pirogue 12’ (Seat Included)---------------$1050.00
Enamel Marine Paint----Free
Exposed Wood Grain Trim with Varnish---add $150.00

Pirogue Seat ----------------------------------------------$100.00
Push Pole -------------------------------------------------$75.00
Custom Pirogue Hangers -------------------------------$30.00
One Piece Wooden Paddle -----------------------------$40.00
Scarfed Plywood (3/8” X 23 7/8” X 15’6”) ---------$130.00
Custom Engraved Stainless Plate----------------------$35.00


Pirogue Repainting / Refinishing Service ----------$90.00
Custom Fabrication ------------------------------------Quote

The commission of any pirogue build will require a $350.00 deposit up front.

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Porets' Pirogues
Youngsville, La
Porets' Pirogues
Youngsville, La