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When designing our pirogues, we saw no purpose in reinventing the wheel.  Fortunately for us, we have in our inventory pirogues that were built decades ago by some of the finest craftsman in the state.  As testament to that, there is one that is over 20yrs old that is still in service.

Because of the design as well as materials of our pirogues, weight is kept down to a minimum.  Depending on the design and size of our boats, weights range anywhere from a featherweight 43lb in our 12' models to a maximum of 60lb in our 13.5' models.  Currently we only produce one man pirogues and the one you choose should depends on the intended purpose of the boat. 

Our pirogues are designed to be used from the sitting position, in a chair that has the appropriate angle for comfort.  The design is simple, yet proven.  It allows for hours of paddling in comfort without the traditional lower back pains you get from paddling a backless seat that is common in all fiberglass pirogues.

The compound angles at the ends of the boat create a curve in the hull that allows for minimum draft and maximum maneuverability.  Because of this continuous curve, the outside ribs must be constructed with compound angles in order to match the curvature of the boat.  This allows a consistent smooth curve of the hull throughout the entire boat.  The key to paddling a pirogue with curved bottom is to sit toward the rear of the boat allowing the bow to sit slightly raised out of the water.  This helps to prevent the nose from burying in the water making it harder to turn.

The sides of the pirogue angle out slightly more than other designs which allows the boat to displace more water with more weight.  This makes it more stable and can carry heavier loads comfortably while maintaining its maneuverability.

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Porets' Pirogues
Youngsville, La
Porets' Pirogues
Youngsville, La